Da ciência até a alma


The Way from Science to Soul, by Dr. Casey Blood, draws from three fields, quantum mechanics, neuroscience, and spirituality. It is distinguishing features are:

• The central ideas of quantum mechanics are described in a way that is scientifically accurate but easily readable by a nonscientist.

• It gives an explicit, detailed unification of physics and the spiritual point of view.

• It sets out the nature of physical existence more clearly than other books of its genre. In particular, it shows there is no evidence for particles—no electrons, no photons—and strong evidence against their existence, in spite of the nearly universal acceptance of that paradigm.

• The Way from Science to Soul was written for the nonscientist. Most of the six years spent writing the book were used to make the language and ideas readable and clear. The scientific arguments are outlined in the book in a form suitable for the nonscientist and given in detail in Section II of this web site so the scientist can verify the results.

• Based on my 25 years of experience in mystical religions, the book delineates the structure of nonphysical existence and its relation to physical existence more clearly than other books.

• The way in which the brain works is outlined so that one may better understand our human nature. In addition, understanding the brain helps one to see how meditation techniques accomplish their goals.

• The Way from Science to Soul shows that quantum mechanics, the brain, the mind and spirituality, taken together, give a unified picture of human existence.

Table of Contents


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