ICRA 2009 Roboethics Workshop

The goal of the Workshop is to enhance a cross-cultural debate on the recent development in the fields of Roboethics. It intends to identify and discuss sensitive area in Robotics, such as the study of how social, political, and cultural values affect robotics research and robotics application t society. And how the latter in turn affects society, politics, and culture, starting from the assumption that science and technology are socially embedded. Contribution are welcome on the ethical, legal and societal aspects of the following topics.

Economy: Replacing humans in the workplace; Robotics and job market; Cost benefit analysis; Transparency and public consensus; Robots as things; Remote control and cooperation in the workplace.

Psychology: Position of humans in the control hierarchy; Robots and kids; Robots and elderly, disabled and ill people; Robotics in Education.

Law: Robots and liability; Identification of autonomously acting robots; Position of humans in the control hierarchy; Biometric data processing by intelligent systems; Multi-agent decision making.

Health: Robotics in surgery; Robotics in health care and prosthesis; Connecting the human brain to robots; Bionics for enhancing humans. Military application of robotics: Advantages and Risks; Autonomous systems and responsibility in warfare; International Conventions and Laws.

Environment: Underwater robotics noise pollution; Cleaning nuclear and toxic waste; Decommissioning plants; Using renewable sources of energy; Space trash collection.

Technical Dependability: Availability; Reliability; Safety; Security.


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