carta para palden dorjeanos


buddha gyani

buddha gyani






















dear all,

my name is renata and i´m from brazil. i have been following this group ever since i discovered palden dorje, and ever since i saw his first picture and read his first speech, i knew deep down in my heart that he is pure light and authenticity, really like an emanation of manjushri! young and brave! i have been a vajrayana student for about a year and a half know, having received some empowerments from the Nyngma tradition. first i´d like to thank you all for being here and providing information on his holiness palden dorje. 
i would like to share with you some of my perceptions.
first, it seems to me that palden dorje´s greatest teachings are not to be found in his words, but really on his ACTIONS. his actions stand for, call for, a deep renewal on our attachment to the material forms of religious rituals. lord buddha did not need to follow rules from a book, nor to wear a certain color robe, nor to do anything other than remain still while taming and expanding his own senses and mind. this is his greatest teaching. enlightenment is available to all, no empowerments are necessary, only will and determination in meditation practice.
palden dorje´s greatest message, in my opinion, is about SIMPLICITY.
is about being brave and leaving behind the formulas given to him by his spiritual teachers in order to follow his own internal voice that was guiding him towards his true mission. so many times, so many devout practitioners do not follow their own hearts because they are afraid of being disobedient to their own buddhist schools and traditions… lord buddha was not obedient to his previous traditions. neither was palden dorje. i believe we should meditate on the meaning of this holy disobedience.
really what palden dorje has done, is to go back to the very simplicity and purity of lord buddhas original practice and example. buddhists have become so lost in all kinds of complex rituals and practices, most of them aiming on material prosperity, wealth, health, and other kinds of worldly desires – that the original desire for true liberation is rarely to be found in buddhist temples. it´s easier to find prayers for buddha´s blessings. blessings are great. but the only true blessing that should be valued by a true practitioner is that of reaching enlightenment…
what i mean is that palden dorje, to me, means the light and glory of simple, pure, crystal clear, diamond spirituality.
so to me, he is as precious as a diamond, just like jesus was as simple and precious as a diamond, and was not properly understood and received by his contemporaries… so is palden dorje not being understood by many of the so called spiritual masters all around the world. his light shines so bright, that most lamas and rinpoches would need sunglasses to look at him.
so when i see people, i know they have good intentions, trying to build around him the same structures and rituals that his very example is teaching us to surpass, i find it cute, but completely off the mark. people are not getting his point.
his point is not that we should build monasteries of whatever tradition around him; his point is that we should leave the traditions behind and go back to the ORIGINS, the roots of true spirituality.
let us not forget his EXAMPLE to us!
may all beings reach enlightenment, may all beings be happy!
i would also like to ask LTJ about recent news from his holiness; how is he? did he say any words lately?
i am repeating ohm namoh guru buddha gyani every day.
can anyone tell more about the meaning of this mantra, and your experiences with this mantra?
in light, peace, and happiness for being here in this planet while palden dorje is here as well.
renata lemos

2 Respostas to “carta para palden dorjeanos”

  1. LTJ Says:

    Dear Renata,
    Today is Guruji’s birthday, and I have just spoken to Gangajeet, his big brother. Palden Dorje is very well. It was hard to hear. He will convey my birthday message.
    Om Namo Buddha Gyani means basically:
    Praise to the Knower of Buddha.
    Palden Dorje is always with us, so I have difficulty noticing any shift with the use of the Mantra! But I’m sure you will have many hints of his presence!
    Stay well, and blessings!
    Love Truth Joy

  2. ctkathy Says:

    I find him to be a great man even though i am a muslim… Such a holy guy. 🙂

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