In the dictionary meaning Electrobolochoc is clearly an “act” on the one hand, “which has some importance”, on the other hand, what it actually between the definition of the event. But it means much more. As he has his players to stand close to the emergence of their uniqueness in the presence near the “unveiling”, he points out that Heidegger conceptualized through Ereignis, a term translated as’ advent Which is understandable as “appearance” (epiphaneia) or “donation”. This is going to the essence of the manifestation of the phenomenon in the emergence of the emergence in the presence surrection. This reference to Heidegger, fundamental, it follows that Electrobolochoc is the event of “openness” (Erschlossenheit), which becomes visible by the fate of being “(die Wesung of Seyne) is to say the least representation of our talent than they achieve universal in the act of initial presentation. This openness to being (Sein) differs from the account of being focused on the work, as it leads to the possibility of creating the purest. 

Transdisciplinary was imposed by Bruno Van Belleghem, and I think the good gesture. Piaget is the inventor of the word, in 1970, which since 1994 has become an ideology scope in science, France and beyond, the nuclear physicist Basarab Nicolescu. 



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