“So as our corporations crumble, taking our jobs with them, we bail
them out to preserve our prospects for employment—knowing full
well that their business models are unsustainable. As banks’ credit
schemes fail, we authorize our treasuries to print more money on their
behalf, at our own expense and that of our children. We then get to
borrow this money back from them, at interest. We know of no other
way. Having for too long outsourced our own savings and investing to
Wall Street, we are clueless about how to invest in the real world of
people and things. We identify with the plight of abstract corporations
more than that of flesh-and-blood human beings. We engage with cor-
porations as role models and saviors, while we engage with our fellow
humans as competitors to be beaten or resources to be exploited.”

trecho de LIFE Inc., próximo livro de douglas rushkoff


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