filme de aaron franz; dica de juliana mundim:

um bom exemplo das implicações políticas da convergência NBIC.



  1. I first thought: yeah, sort of… The movie left the dot-connection to the listener (who should know who are Ray Kurzweil et al.). And the “we hate your freedom” reading is hard to swallow coming from Americans.
    But, hey, there are other 8 parts (ok, maybe I’ll see them). Thanks for posting.

  2. Aham… Much more enlightened after round 2. I have 2 points:

    * “Downloading an entire mind into a supercomputer” is reheated mindless techno-overenthusiasm. It is not gonna happen because the brain is only the processing center (there are also sensors and communication lines) and digital is only one manifestation of states (there would be necessary to re-create real life with chemical, physical… biological processes). But I guess some parts of mind will be downloadable. This leads us to business and…

    * POLITICS: Yes, Newt Gingrich is right. The divide will grow larger and larger. (Does anyone remember “Brave new world”? The savages lived in Mexico, if I recall; other parts aren’t even mentioned…).


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