enquanto isso, na china…



Workers of Meitai Plastics & Electronics in Dongguan City, Guangdong, China had been threatening to walk off the job for the last few months claiming inhumane conditions at the factory. Last week, several hundred workers stormed out of the factory and marched across the street to the new Double Happiness plant shouting slogans such as “75 cents an hour gives us more power” and “Stickin’ with cooked chicken keeps our fingers on the clickin””. Meitai, who produces keyboards for Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Microsoft and IBM, has been in cahoots over the recent opening of the Double Happiness factory which is manufacturing miniaturized keyboards for it’s new line of handheld virtual fashion games modeled after Project Runway.

Meitai claims Double Happiness is secretly bribing their workers with phony benefits such as three nutritious meals per day, a 70-hour work week, cushioned work benches and hot showers in the dormitories. Workers interviewed on the street say the benefits are true. A young female worker, who asked to remain anonymous, complained about Meitai’s excruciating long hours and relentless assembly line. “At Meitai, I work over 81 hours a week including 34 hours of obligatory overtime. I sit on a backless hard stool inserting 3,250 keys an hour for a total of 35,750 keys during each ‘official’ 11-hour daily shift. The tiny keyboards at Double Happiness are half the size and all workers get a foam pillow and a real chair.”

Another worker racing across the street touted the Double Happiness meal plan. “At Meitai we only have 15 minutes to eat watery rice gruel that tastes bad and is hard to swallow. On Friday, we get a small chicken leg and foot as our special meal. Double Happiness serves a chicken sandwich and Coca-Cola at every meal and gives us a full 20 minutes to eat. “


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